Graduate Students

Carolyn Davies

Carolyn is interested in finding ways to optimize the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders. She is specifically interested in emotion regulation, behavior, and underlying biological factors that relate to fear and anxiety. Carolyn's current research focuses on the effects of ambiguous threat on anxiety and physiological responses.

Amanda Loerinc

Amanda is broadly interested in the emotional, cognitive, physiological, and behavioral processes associated with anxiety and mood disorders. She is more specifically interested in emotion regulation strategies as well as the development and dissemination of evidence-based treatments for anxiety and related disorders.

Anastasia McGlade

Anastasia is interested in understanding the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral correlates of anxiety disorders in an effort to advance treatment methodology. She is specifically interested in fear extinction mechanisms, emotion regulation, and affective experience in exposure and cognitive behavioral therapies for anxiety.

Bita Mesri

Bita is interested in optimizing the treatment of anxiety disorders through the investigation of emotion regulation strategies and implicit approach avoidance behaviors.

Amy Sewart

Amy's research interests lie in advancing human models of fear learning and translating this knowledge to improve evidence-based treatment of anxiety disorders. She is also interested in cognitive, affective, and behavioral mechanisms that generate and maintain anxiety disorders, such as anxiety sensitivity.

Michael Sun

Michael's primary research interests involve examining the impact of culture on individual differences in emotion regulation and the mechanisms of emotion regulation strategies like emotional suppression.

Lindsay Staples-Bradley

Lindsay's research focuses on fear learning mechanisms underlying anxiety, including classical conditioning, fear extinction, spontaneous recovery, and contextual renewal. Ultimately, her goal is to optimize existing exposure therapies for anxiety and prevent relapse.

Alexandra Tanner

Alexandra is interested in studying the benefits of physical exercise on mood and well-being. More specifically, she is interested in using neuroimaging and physiological measures to identify mechanisms underlying the effects of exercise on emotion regulation and resilience, and develop exercise treatment interventions for anxiety and mood disorders.

Meghan Vinograd

Meghan is interested in using neuroimaging methods to examine cognitive processes that contribute to the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders. She is also interested in researching how the comorbidity of anxiety disorders impacts symptom severity and treatment response.

Tomislav Zbozinek

Tomislav's research interests include the comorbidity and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders.